Google Classroom QuickTip: Easy posting of class content, notes, and whole units (from Joe Derrick and Chris MacStravic)

I know many of you have your courses set up in My Docs, Drive, or a USB Drive.  You have it set up the way you like.  It makes sense.  You don’t want to recreate a structure on that About page in Classroom, but you want your kids to have access.  Here’s how you can post everything easily.

Anytime you create a class or join a class, a folder is created for you in Drive.  This folder is private, only shared with other teachers you invite to your class (if you even have any).  That said, if you follow the steps below and in the video, you can create another folder that is accessible to students.

Set up your course how you like using folders in Google Drive or upload your entire course folder if it’s not already in drive.  Then using the share menu, click “get a shareable link” and then “anyone with this link can view.”  Copy this link.  Go back to your classroom’s “About” page.  Click Add Materials.  Select the link icon and paste in the link to your shared Google folder.  Now you can simply add content right within drive, and students will always be able to see the latest and greatest without your need to post on Classroom.  Over the years, as you change and improve your documents, you won’t need to update anything on your class page.  Joe posts all of his unit folders this way.

A variation on Derrick’s approach, Chris MacStravic has been using a “notes” folder in Google Drive for two years now.   He creates the folder and posts a link to it in his About section.  Then, using his Smartboard (though you can do this with any file or even pictures off your phone), he saves his notes in the folder, bypassing the Classroom page.  Now, every time students go to that About section and the Notes folder, they’ll see it all!

Note: Chris streamlines this process even further by installing the Google Drive application on his desktop.  This allows him to save to a folder on his computer, then Google Drive puts it online for him, allowing him to even bypass going to the Classroom web page.  Simply save the file in the Google folder on your computer and it will upload it.

If you’d like to get the Google Drive application installed on your computer, open an IT ticket!

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