Set iPhone Camera to Saving Photos as JPEG

Starting with iOS 11 and continue on iOS 12 Apple switched the default camera formats for photos. These pictures are HECI and are not presently compatible with many third party applications including Google Docs.

In order to use photos from an iOS device you will need to switch the format it saves.

Set iPhone Camera to Saving Photos as JPEG

  • Open the “Settings” panel and then tap on “Camera”;
  • Look down and tap on the “Formats” option;
  • The only thing left to do is to check the “Most Compatible” option instead of “High Efficiency”.

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Reuse Last Year’s Assignments – Infinite Campus

1.  Go to the Gradebook.  Click Settings to expand the Grade Book Setup screen.  Click Curriculum Copier, the first choice under Grade Book Tools.



2. Left is the source of your assignments.  The right is the destination.  Be sure to change the source year to last year!  Select the assignments you want to copy, and choose where they’re going.  Click next.


3. Adjust start and due dates on assignments as necessary.  Click Next.


4. Adjust category (formative/summative), points, and multipliers as necessary.  Click Save when finished.


5.  You can now either repeat this copy job to another section in this calendar year, or close the copier.


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