Reuse Last Year’s Assignments – Infinite Campus

1.  Go to the Gradebook.  Click Settings to expand the Grade Book Setup screen.  Click Curriculum Copier, the first choice under Grade Book Tools.



2. Left is the source of your assignments.  The right is the destination.  Be sure to change the source year to last year!  Select the assignments you want to copy, and choose where they’re going.  Click next.


3. Adjust start and due dates on assignments as necessary.  Click Next.


4. Adjust category (formative/summative), points, and multipliers as necessary.  Click Save when finished.


5.  You can now either repeat this copy job to another section in this calendar year, or close the copier.


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Posting Report Card Grades

Once the grading window has opened.  You will see “Post” above your “In Progress Grade” and you will see “Post Grades” in your menu on the postmenu


Check the “Internal Calendar”  in your Google Calendar for grading windows dates.




Step 1 – Open your grade books verify all your assignments have been scored and the “In Progress” is populated.

Click “SAVE”


Step 2- Entering Grades

There are two methods to “Post” grades.

  • Method 1 – Post by section
  • Method 2 – Multi-post all sections


Step 2 – Method 1 – Post grades by section

To Post grades by section click “Post” in the “In Progress” column



You will see the following window. VERIFY the correct term and correct task is selected.

  • Term Grade – This is the grade for the term
  • Midterm Exam – Midterm Exam Grade (Only visible in certain terms and grading windows)
  • Final Exam – Final Exam Grade (Only visible in certain terms and grading windows)
  • Final Grade – Final grade for the course (Only visible in certain terms and grading windows)


Click “OK”


VERIFY grades in “Posted” section match grades in “In Progress” Section.


TIP -  You CAN override the grade & percent in the “Posted” section if you choose.

Click “Save”

bg post save


Step 2 – Method 2 – Multi-Post 

This will post “In Progress” grades for ALL selected classes at once! Please ensure your grade book is up to date for all classes BEFORE running this.

Click “Post Grade” on the left side menu of the instruction portal.



TIP -  You can post grades by section with this tool as well.

Click “Multi-Post Grades”



You will not see the “Multi-Post Grades” window below.

mp select 2


Make sure you select the correct Term and “Post from” and “Post to” are correct. In general these should match.

The next widow will display the status of grades per class.

  • New/Updated Grades – These are in progress grades that have NOT yet been posted.
  • No Grades – These are grades that are empty and have no in progress grade. (Verify you have at least one assignment and that it is graded.

mp-grades in

If you attempt to post grades for a section that has “No Grades” you will get an error.

mp nograde


Please uncheck this section on the previous screen by selecting “back”

When you are ready click “Post”

If everything was successful you will see “Your grades have been posted successfully” and see a list of the courses that posted.

mp posted


Click “Close”


Click “Save”



Step 3 – Entering Comments

You can now enter grading comments.

This can be done in BOTH the “Post Grades” view in Method 2 OR directly from the section grade book.

This example will show the section grade book process.

Open your grade book and click the “CC” to start entering comments.

canned comments

You will now see the comment entry box.

canned select

In the “Report Card Comment” box at the top you can write custom comments. Use the checkbox(s) to select canned comments.

TIP - You can use a combination of custom and canned comments. The preview window will display your work.

canned comments-custom with

Click “Save”

Periodically or when done save your grade book and

Click “Save”

bg post save


comments entered

Once all your grades have been posted and you clicked “Save”

Move to your next class with the “Section” drop down list”


change course


Happy grading!

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