Application: Socrative

Like Kahoot, Socrative is another web-based quiz/assessment tool.  Socrative is capable of generating detailed reports by student, question, or class.  If you prefer data over glitz, try Socrative.  Unlike Kahoot, Socrative cannot be used de-identified and will require parent permission to use.    

Where do I get it? for both you to create and students to participate.

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Application: Kahoot & Socrative

A favorite of our very own Caitlin Hussey, Kahoot is another web-based quiz/assessment tool.  Have students use an alias or just a first name to collect data, or use for a non-graded formative and get a read on your class’s understanding.  Can be used de-identified.  No login required.  Permission slips required if you want to have students create accounts.  

Where do I get it? to create your quizzes

Students sign into and use the game pin you’ll supply them.

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Extension: Draftback

Watch how students write.  Draftback turns a student’s paper into a movie you can watch (fast-forward speed).  Watch to see where they spent the most time revising, or watch for copy-paste jobs.

Where do I get it?

Draftback of the Chrome browser, installed from the Chrome Web Store.

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Google Forms

Application: Google Forms

Not your grandma’s survey tool, Google Forms has many useful features, including self-grading assessments.  Give students numeric and text-based feedback in real-time.  Simplify grading.   Release scores in real time.  You can include feedback for correct and incorrect answers, provide links to resources that explain the what an the why, and release feedback/score instantly or later at your discretion.  Mix question order for each user to minimize cheating.

Where do I get it?

Go to Drive.  Then New, More, Google Forms.  When you open forms, hit the gear icon and click the quiz tab to turn on the quiz feature.  Talk to the integrator about different setup options.

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