Sign into Chrome to take your stuff with you wherever you go!

Why sign in to Chrome?

When you’re signed in to Chrome on different devices, you can choose what information will sync across them — such as your apps, bookmarks, history, and extensions.  You get the same experience everywhere.


If you are signed into Chrome you should see your account icon, or letter on the top right of your browser. Please note this is different than being signed into GMail. See image below.



If you are signed in you should see something like this.




If you see something that says “Turn on Sync” go ahead and click that and then “Link Data”

For more information see the following

Click here to learn How to Sign into Chrome.


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YouTube Video Approval

Student access to YouTube while on PMHS networks is restricted.

Faculty and staff can approve blocked videos, enabling students to view them. (You MUST be a Google Classroom teacher to approve videos

To approve a video you must be signed into YouTube with your email address.

Once you find a video you would like your students to view click the approve button below the video (See Image).


Approved videos are approved for all students indefinitely or until you remove it. (The approval of videos is logged.)

Students who are NOT signed into YouTube are in restricted mode, but students MUST sign into YouTube with their address to be granted access to the approved videos.



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Searching in Google Drive

You can refine your search in Drive using specific phrases or commands. To refine your search:

  1. Type a phrase.
  2. Add an option to narrow your search (see the chart below for examples).
  3. Press Enter.
Option Description
Quotes Documents that contain an exact phrase.
Example:”match this phrase exactly”
OR Documents with at least one of the words.
Example:tacos OR nachos
Minus sign Documents that exclude a word. So if you want “salsa,” but not “dancing,” use…
Example:salsa -dancing
Documents owned or shared by a specific person.
to: Documents you shared with someone.
is:starred Items marked with a star.
is:trashed Items that are trashed.
type: Search by the type of document: folder, document, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, image, video, drawing, form, script, and table.
before:YYYY-MM-DD after:YYYY-MM-DD Find items that were edited before or after a certain day.
title: Search by title.
title:”Conference 2014″
app: Search for items that can be opened by a specific app.
app:”Google Docs”
(For Google Apps users only)
Search for items that have been shared publicly to the user’s domain, instead of the user’s default set of searchable items.

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