Sign into Chrome to take your stuff with you wherever you go!

Why sign in to Chrome?

When you’re signed in to Chrome on different devices, you can choose what information will sync across them — such as your apps, bookmarks, history, and extensions. ¬†You get the same experience everywhere. Sign in at home, sign in at school, sign in on your phone!

To use your school Google account sign in with your email address. (

Click here to learn How to Sign into Chrome.

Want to sign in to Chrome with multiple accounts?

Check this out.


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Current PMHS Mail/Groups

Below is a list of the current mail/groups available for use within the various tools at PMHS. All of these addresses can be used for email as well as for sharing files in products such as OneDrive, Google Drive etc…

Department Mailing Lists

Other Groups – All adults that have an email account. Teachers, staff, custodial, kitchen, para etc… – Kitchen/Custodial – Only classroom teachers

Student Mailing Lists – Freshmen – Sophomores – Juniors – Seniors

I think someone should be added or removed what do I do.

At this time please submit a helpdesk ticket at


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YouTube Video Approval

Student access to YouTube while on PMHS networks is restricted.

Faculty and staff can approve blocked videos, enabling students to view them. (You MUST be a Google Classroom teacher to approve videos

To approve a video you must be signed into YouTube with your email address.

Once you find a video you would like your students to view click the approve button below the video (See Image).


Approved videos are approved for all students indefinitely or until you remove it. (The approval of videos is logged.)

Students who are NOT signed into YouTube are in restricted mode, but students MUST sign into YouTube with their address to be granted access to the approved videos.



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