Get Free HD Quality Video Clips

Free HD Video Clips

Teachers and students alike can download free hd-quality movie clips for use in projects and presentations.  Download the video for use in a local video editor like Adobe Premiere or download and then upload to a web-based service like WeVideo for use in your projects.


  • There is no download charge and no royalty charge. Just avoid anything submitted by Shutterstock.  They want up to $800.00 a clip.  Youch!
  • While they ask you to “sign up” and log in to download files, you can sign in with google and use your email/password info.
  • Videvo has two different license agreements so not only are clips free, they’re legal–a feature students and teachers alike sometimes overlook…
    • If Videvo created the video, they do not want/need any credit whatsoever.
    • If posted by someone in the Videvo community (any name other than Videvo listed as author), it falls under the Creative Commons 3.0 license agreement.  Give credit to the author/source and it’s free to use!
  • You can search by category or keyword.  There are hundreds of videos from a wide range of genres.


No need to sign up or sign in on this site, but there aren’t as many clips as Videvo.  Still, they’re offering up free, HD-quality clips, as long as you cite the author under the Creative Commons license agreement.