WeVideo – Making Movies

Free, web-based video editing that works in any browser, on any operating system, even on some mobile devices?!?!  Tell me more, you say?

WeVideo is what I’ve been recommending to teachers who want to create a video project.

Some features of WeVideo:

  • Free to use and edit, but users can only export about 5 minutes of video a month for free.  Most of us don’t want to watch more than that anyway, let’s be honest.
  • Students can sign in anywhere with their google @pmhschool.com information and access files on their drive within the online editor.
  • In conjunction with Google Drive, students and teachers can share assets like video and audio clips for group projects.
  • WeVideo has a decent library of free music, sound effects, and graphics that can be used in any project.
  • WeVideo has a beginner and advanced mode, and the advanced mode is pretty comprehensive, a good stepping stone toward a full-featured editor like Adobe Premiere.

We’re in the works to buy 150 premium licenses, which we plan to assign and reassign to various teachers/classes as projects come up.  This will give us:

  • Greater export time than 5 minutes (by quite a bit) per month
  • Full HD quality exports for nicer looking products
  • Access to more music
  • “Green-screen” editing capability
  • Slow mo
  • The ability for multiple students to edit the same timeline/project at the same time, like a Google / OneDrive file.
  • and more…

I’m available for training AND I’ve put together a step-by-step list of instructional videos produced by WeVideo and myself.  Each video is about a minute long.  You can learn this program very quickly.  Happy filming.