Search and Save Images the Right Way

While opening up your search engine, typing in “cats dressed like old people,” and saving an image or two for use in your class might be quick and hilarious, did you know it’s possibly a copyright violation?

While we are granted some freedoms in education through fair use clauses, we’re not exempt, and we can still have action brought against us, forced to demonstrate how and why our fair use exempts us.  Sounds like fun, right?

How about we skip all of that together and search the right way.  In about two extra clicks, you can still get those cat images–not sure why you’re searching for that kind of thing, but hey, it’s a free country–and you’ll be free from copyright woes.  Both Bing and Google  give you a two-click solution.

In Google, once you’ve searched for your cats, click on search tools, then usage rights, and finally click on labeled for reuse with modification for the greatest legal right to use that image however you want!


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In Bing, search your image, then click license.  Basically anything other than “all” will give you safer results.


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Happy image hunting, weirdo!