Change page dimensions of .PDF files

Re-sizing .PDF dimensions

Have you ever found or generated a .PDF file and wished it was a different size or dimension?  No?  You need to get out more! is an easy-to-use site that accepts .PDF files and lets you change how they print out.

This site also helps you to merge / combine multiple PDFs into one file, compress PDF files so that they’re a smaller (disk space, not print size), or convert common files into PDFs or other image types.


  • Take an existing (portrait) document and scale it down and print it landscape, leaving room for students to annotate on one or both sides, depending on how you set it up.
  • Re size existing files for professional printing (tickets, playbills, book publishing, etc.)
  • Enlarge print by printing to larger paper
  • Drive Tom Rubino crazy by printing!