Have the copier do your three-hole punching for you


In a couple of quick steps you can be three-hole punching from the copier like a champ!  You can use this feature with Microsoft Office software like Word and with Google Docs.  Follow the steps below.  As of Friday, 9/9/2016, this feature is only working on the upstairs copier (TR-209).

If you need to add this copier, open up the file icon (fig 1.)  on your task bar and in the address bar (fig 2.) at the top, type \\kramer to see all of your available printers.  Double click on TR-209 to add it.




folder kramer2
fig 1. fig 2.

If you’re printing from a Microsoft Office Document, skip this first step.  Google Docs users, when you first go through the Cloud Print dialogue, you want to “Print using system dialog”




Next, select printer TR-209, and then click preferences.



On the Printing Preferences screen, click the “Finish” tab.  Click the box for punch, then select 3-hole.  Note that this is the same screen for stapling.


That’s it.  Continue with any other options you want and print.