How to book spaces for during school and after hours

Watch this video to learn about booking spaces.

Important Points

1.) If your event is after hours (starting at 3:00pm or later) use the facility use request form located HERE.

2.) If your event is starting during the day say 12pm and going past 4pm. Please use the facility request form.

3.) If your event is during the school day ONLY, just book the event in Google Calendar.

3.) The following places are to ONLY be booked for after hours events and are NOT available during the day. Please see Cathy for use of these spaces during the day.

  • Library
  • Library Classroom

4.) DO NOT contact the main office staff to book a space for you. You have the ability to book these spaces by following the instructions provided.

5.) If you need the maint dept. to do something for you be sure to add them to your event and use the details section for instructions. (See video for instructions)

6.) Check Google calendar before submitting a facility request form for a particular space. (After hours events will be in there) It may already be booked during the time you are looking for. (See video for instructions)