Managing Your Phone

Welcome to the “Managing¬†Your Phone” tutorial.

This might be a bit on the “techie” side, but for those of you that are interesting in getting more out of your new phone here we go!

You will find a bookmark under “ bookmarks” labeled “UCP – Phone Management”



When you click that you will be brought to a portal like this.


You can log in using your extension as the username and your voicemail password. (still 123) if you have not changed it.

Once you are logged in you will be brought to the portal home screen. The menu options are


There is not much on the home screen. Call History and Call Event Logs are fairly self explanatory….

User Control Panel Settings

First place to start is the settings for this portal. Click the gear on the top right and select settings. (You will also sign out here)



This will take you to the settings page below.



The only thing you will want to do here is change your password. This is NOT your voicemail password. (We will get to that later).

For now. Desktop notifications and biographical info is not used in any way. Feel free to fill it out, but it is not required.

Now the fun stuff!

Changing your Speeddials

The thing most of you are looking for is “Device Management” This is where you will change your speed dials. You will see the following screen depending on your phone it may be a bit different.



Now that we have that out of the way…. The line key corresponds to the key order on your phone.

To change or add someone to your speed dial change the corresponding Line Key field “Type” to Speeddial. Like this.




Then change the “Label” to what you would like. i.e. (Tom is GR8) and in the value field enter the extension number.

YOU MUST SELECT “Account 1″ for the account field

You will notice there are more fields than spots on your phone. That is because you can have multiple pages of speed dials. Once the first page is filled up the 2nd,3rd etc will show up on your phone.

The next step is to select “Save,Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phones” then hit Apply. (THIS WILL REBOOT YOUR PHONE)



Once it comes back up your changes will show up. (These changes will persist from day to day)


The voicemail tab is pretty cool! Here you can listen to voicemail’s, download them, forward them, and change your voicemail settings.

If you have a voicemail they will be show in the INBOX.



To change your voicemail settings click settings.

Here you can change your pin and email notifications.

Advanced Settings

This section is a bit more complicated and best avoided without chatting with the IT department. If you break something in here we expect payment in the form of food to help you fix it. (Cheese and baked goods preferred)




Find Me/Follow Me - If you are going to be at another phone for a while you can forward your calls to that location. You would set this by adding the extension you will be located at to the “Follow Me List”. The call is ring your number first and then the second number. (You can also just put the extension you will be at to have it go directly there without ringing your normal extension first).

VmXLocator - Steer clear of this…

Call Forwarding – Simple call forwarding. Can be done off site i.e. to a cell phone… Just enter the extension or number as you would if you were dialing directly from your phone.

Call Waiting – Do you want to see another call come in when you are on the line? If not turn this off and they will go directly to your VM.

That’s it for now. Have fun!