Go Follet

Extension: Go Follet

Go Follett is a free app that supports access to a school’s Follett Destiny or Follett Shelf collection. The app requires network access and supports online reading / listening of digital content. The app does not currently support offline usage or downloading of Follett eBooks or Follett audiobooks. Follett plans to offer offline support in a future release.

Simply find your school to begin: once inside, you can search for books, eBooks, websites, and more. You can also log in to Destiny or Follett Shelf to hold and checkout materials, using your provided login credentials.

The results displayed in Go Follett depend on your school’s specific Destiny Library Manager™ or Follett Shelf settings.

Can’t find your school? Ask your librarian about activating Go Follett!

Where do I get it?

Chrome Web Store

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