Application: Socrative

Like Kahoot, Socrative is another web-based quiz/assessment tool.  Socrative is capable of generating detailed reports by student, question, or class.  If you prefer data over glitz, try Socrative.  Unlike Kahoot, Socrative cannot be used de-identified and will require parent permission to use.    

Where do I get it? for both you to create and students to participate.

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Application: Kahoot & Socrative

A favorite of our very own Caitlin Hussey, Kahoot is another web-based quiz/assessment tool.  Have students use an alias or just a first name to collect data, or use for a non-graded formative and get a read on your class’s understanding.  Can be used de-identified.  No login required.  Permission slips required if you want to have students create accounts.  

Where do I get it? to create your quizzes

Students sign into and use the game pin you’ll supply them.

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